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send me crazy

QUINN- Hey Babe-a-licious, I’m back! Also, don’t hate me. But I sent Brad a package guaranteeing he’d meet you for a date! I know, I know none of my business . . . but seriously, he needed a push and it was easier to do while I was out of the country. You can yell at me for it later. Clearly, you’re no longer mad. #Winning. 

KARLI – Quinn! Girlfriend, I’ve missed you. Um . . . what package and note? I’m not meeting Brad for a date, what are you talking about?

QUINN- Maybe he didn’t get it yet? How long does USPS take to send a red racy G-string? I included coordinates for Beans or Bust. You’re welcome.

KARLI – I’m going to kill you! Where did you send it?

QUINN – Ummmm to his apartment, sweet cheeks…where else? 264 Hudson

KARLI – QUINN! He’s 246 not 264!!! Hopefully whoever got it returned it to sender.

QUINN- Well, then. No return details included and addressed it to Hot Stuff—in keeping with the theme. This just got a whole lot more interesting. Feel like an adventure? 😉 

KARLI – Lord, I already know I’m going to regret this.